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  • GraffitiOLOGY

    By g2m2
    Feb 6, '13 11:33 AM EST

    Is this the new idea of street art? Are our Graffiti-ologists simply stating that our Architecture is boring and lacks ornamentation or that it needs more expression? Many modern buildings take on minimal design for a reason, however, what does the community say about our efforts of modernism, contemporaneity, and innovation of the built environment? Well some have taken the initiative to express how they feel....Maybe through only writing their street name on the side of the building(1), dumpster(2), or box truck(3)....How does this relate to architecture and our community? Let's consider the graffiti-ology (Study or practice of graffiti arts) of the matter and think about it from an architectural point of view. When do we include the graffiti artist in the building process? at construction phase(4)? do we need cut-sheets from the artist? do we treat them as a consultant under the Architect or Owner? how much fee do they get for the art? etc....Now lets be realistic and blunt....Yes it is vandalism at its best, but why is it vandalism? Because there was no permission to express themselves and its illegal? Ya ok! well lets actually analyze the real situation..its a sign (literally) about what type of communities we build. Urban? Suburban? either way, we need to realize that the gentrification and re-development of communities draws interest from ALL community members. As a part of the humanSOUP of society, we should welcome such creativity and take advantage of the multi-disciplinary attention our project(s) receive(5). It makes the communities we live in more realistic and sobering(6). However, maybe the idea of graffiti as ornamentation becomes more incorporated in the design phase...and of course based on owner approval. We live in a Urban Trend at the moment and need to take the Urban culture into account within our "concrete jungles" (which is a graffiti artists Utopia) and expose it for what it is, a form of Art and new facade treatment! maybe you agree or disagree but it is an opportunity to explore at an urban level (7,8,9,10). 

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  • Food + Truck = The Temporal Delicious!

    By g2m2
    Oct 7, '11 12:21 PM EST

    Unique? YES...Urban? YES....It is the ultimate strategy for an urban context as well as a multi-cultural unique SOUP for a temporary urban situation. I am very passionate on the idea of the temporal urban. What is the best way to promote urban culture (which is now a large and unique culture in... View full entry

  • I love Kimchi! - KoreaTown Los Angeles

    By g2m2
    Oct 4, '11 11:56 AM EST

    Located in the ever populated and dense Mid-Wilshire District in Los Angeles, KoreaTown is definitely one of my favorite urban conditions to bLOG about....What the hell is going on in this rich multi-cultural niche in the heart of LA....I interviewed a small convenience store owner "Mr. Soo" and... View full entry

  • (RE)Alignment of WHO?`

    By g2m2
    Sep 28, '11 2:14 PM EST

    Concerning unique neighborhoods...What came into mind is from my home town of Denver. Many things are developing and on the board for advancement and growth within the city. One of the projects proposed lately is the Interstate-70 realignment project. Starting as of 8 years or so ago, the City of... View full entry

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