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    No Sleep Till... No Sleep...

    Jacob Kenney
    Oct 6, '11 1:52 AM EST

    Alright, so it's been a while.  I have a three full assignments to go through here.  But first some personal stuff I guess.  Architecture school is time consuming.  So much more time consuming than I ever expected.  Last weekend I decided to take off Friday and Saturday to see my friends at Temple University.  On Sunday I ended up having my latest night yet - 3am with a 9am class on Monday.  Besides the long hours, it's been a really rewarding and awesome three weeks.  All the kids in the program are great and the work is a lot of fun.  Just. So.Much.Time.  

    To the assignments.  

    Using everything we've learned about line & point, planes and masses, we had to construct an 8x8x8" cube using those three concepts.  Each concept has it's own material, the same ones that the last three cubes were.  

    For the cubes, we once again made the grading rubric as a class.  I'm really happy that we're doing this.  It helps us all figure out what we should be doing and lets use voice what we think are the most important elements to be graded.  It's awesome how open minded my three professors are.  It really makes the learning process a lot better, for me at least.

    After that, we learned a little bit about axonometric drawing and had to do two axonometric drawings of our cube using at least three each of primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary elements.  The first had to be an x-ray version where you could see all lines of all the objects, and the second showed only what you can see.   

    The drawings made me realize how wonky my cube was.  I had a plane going from one mass to another, which was apparently 1/4" off on one side.  I did the first axonometric drawing without realizing that and had a 1/4" gap between two of my objects.  On the next one I fixed it but didn't realize how much of the model a single 1/4" offset messes up.  I had to adjust about half of the drawing because of that single mistake.  Guess it's a good lesson though.

    All that stuff above was for my studio class, which meets three times a week for three hours.  The next assignment was for my architectural drawing class, which meets every Thursday for three hours.  

    We had to take a mechanical object that was smaller than 12x12" and had more than just one primary form... so no soda cans or the like.  With that object, we had to do a blind contour drawing, a contour drawing in which we hatched the foreground, a contour drawing in which we had to cross hatch the background and then a realistic drawing.  I was never really great at drawing so I'm pretty proud of the results I got.  

    Besides that... there isn't really much going on.  Yesterday we got back from lunch to find our friend Jacob passed out on the bench outside the studio.  Gotta get sleep somehow I guess.  Sorry there isn't more... it's 1:51am and I'm just ready to go to bed.

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