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    Three Weeks Later

    Jacob Kenney
    Nov 4, '11 7:42 PM EST

    Well... this blog fell apart quickly against my will.  The last three weeks have been very strenuous.  My work load has been increasing in my other non-arch classes which takes up the time I used to write here.  On top of that, I got a pretty bad concussion two weeks ago which led to two ER visits that took a pretty huge toll on my work time... not to mention the post-concussion syndrome which made it impossible at even half the level I was at prior to the concussion.  

    So much has happened between studio and drawing that I can't go through all of it.

    The most important thing since the last update was my first real critique from a professional.  I was in a pretty bad spot going into it, because I had drastically changed the direction of my project two nights before the review.  The continuity in my process was broken, and the critic noticed very quickly.  With the project we are doing now I am trying to focus more on the process and making sure that my iterations are going in a positive direction.

    The next week we started a new project.  We were put in groups and told to represent something in the realm of motion, each in different mediums.  Then we had to make a collage, from which we have gridded, diagrammed and tied in with another aspect of the project.  The other aspect was going to the newly redeveloped Race Street Pier ( and constructing a logic matrix in which we documented an experience and came up with different levels of why that condition exists.  

    In drawing we had to finish our visual dictionaries that we started the week before.  I had to have an extension on it due to my head but got it done and am pretty happy with it, especially the binding method that I used.

    That's pretty much all that's been going on with school.  I'll leave you with some photos of my projects and a few other randoms of my last three weeks.


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