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    The Beginning

    Jacob Kenney
    Sep 27, '11 12:21 AM EST

    Hello, internet!  I am Jacob Kenney, a freshman in the 2+4 architecture program at Drexel University.  We started school a week ago, so I am a little behind with starting this.  I'll start off with a little rundown of what has been happening in the last week.  

    The first day of class (Monday the 19th) we jumped right into things, going to 30th Street Station and diagramming anything that we thought 'looked cool' and had relation to geometry and number.  The only thing is, we didn't have much explanation of what a diagram needed or how to really draw one. On Wednesday, from those pictures, we chose 3 that we wanted to expand on and drafted a neater version in pencil.  Only after that did we get a clear explanation of what a diagram is.  Even with the clear explanation, people were still struggling with the concept.  I had some idea of what it was in my head, whether or not it was the correct idea is yet to be seen.  For Friday we had to draft in pen a more 'diagrammy' version of our pencil drafted diagrams.  Then finally over the weekend we made 3 models of any media we choose and a size limit of 8x8" using the final diagrams we drafted as inspiration.  

    Now, a week later, we are making 3 more models based off the 3 previous models.  It is all part of the iteration process that is so strongly emphasized here.  

    It's been a really crazy week, I didn't expect the workload to be so much but so far I am really enjoying the work that we've been doing.  I'll take photos of the work we've done over the next few days when I find time.



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