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    Take Ivy

    Brian Butterfield
    Aug 16, '10 7:02 AM EST

    It seems like every bookstore in Japan has had a run on this book lately. It has been out of print for some time but both a Japanese new edition and an English language version from Powerhouse Books recently sold out like hotcakes in both Japan and the States. (I guess original editions were going for $400 a few years ago.) My favorite bookstore here in Osaka,, has a big poster on the front door saying "Take Ivy will be back!"

    I flipped through the store sample copy, and it is pretty amazing find, I especially like the image of the young man parking his bicycle at the Saarinen designed Ezra Stiles College at Yale...check out the images below.

    Of course in my google search I saw that the Times Style Section just did a slideshow of several spreads:

    "Take Ivy," a slender volume of photographs, commissioned by Kensuke Ishizu, the founder of an Ivy League-inspired clothing line called Van Jacket, was first published in 1965, the yield of a fact-finding trip taken by a Japanese photographer and three writers to Ivy League campuses.
    Part style manual for Japanese fans of American "trad" style and, somewhat inadvertently, an ethnographic study, "Take Ivy" went on to become, in the decades since publication, the nearly unattainable center of a passionate cult.

    $24 is a lot better than $400,

    (images stolen without consent from here: )






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