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    Gonbare Nippon

    Brian Butterfield
    May 25, '10 11:47 PM EST

    I have some serious catching up to do. I have been in Japan for 6 weeks now and as tempting as it is to make this a blog about my nights watching World Cup Games at all hours of the night I will attempt instead to distill my experience here over the last month or so in terms of the architectural expereinces I have had on a weekly basis. I will periodicaly update this through the end of August.
    The job so far has been more or less what I expected. Though the Takenaka corporation has over 8000 employees, and over 1000 just in the Osaka office, I am working in a team of just 13-14 designers. It is organized just like a small firm, the big boss, two team leaders, and then each leader gets 5-6 staff at any one point to put on different tasks. In that regard it has been fairly familiar as a work environment. Occasionally people present their project in its current form for the rest of the group to far it has been pretty good.

    I was expecting a slightly looser schedule to facilitate more travel though, so this blog may be more about travels in the Kansai region (around Kyoto/ Osaka/ Kobe). I hope to travel South to Kyushu the first week of August which is the company holiday week and then make my way back to Osaka.

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The Takenaka Internship is granted yearly to one student each from the architecture schools of Yale, M.I.T. and the University of Pennsylvania. The Takenaka Corporation traces its history back more than four hundred years and this internship provides American students of architecture with a summer of valuable training at Japan's oldest architecture, engineering and construction firm. Based out of the Osaka design office, interns participate in various aspects of design and also accompany archite

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