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Nov '10 - May '11

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    It's Almost Here...

    May 19, '11 9:32 AM EST

    Exit Reviews are starting tomorrow and we all can't believe they're here. They've felt so far away for so long. I'm probably about 98% done with my talk, I go Tuesday at 4:30 so I have time to polish it up. It's been a pretty great process and nice to take some time to really think about what I care about and what I really want to do once I am deemed to be a "Master of Architecture." My talk is entitled "Desiring Utopia: a micro-critique of futures past" and once I'm all done I'm happy to post more about it if anyone is interested. Below is the poster, you can also see it here, that has all the times and talk titles so if anyone is around Columbus during these times you should come check them out, everyone's invited!


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