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    Back to real life and sleeping

    Dec 5, '10 10:32 PM EST

    Final reviews were last week at Knowlton, hence why I've been a tad MIA since the first entry.


    The studio I was in with Kay Bea Jones actually had two reviews. We've been working within the Weinland Park neighborhood of Columbus, talking to residents and engaging them in design clinics and such so our first was at the Schoenbaum Family Center.


    Our studio along with an urban design studio from the University of Cincinnati and a landscape studio from Ohio State set up an exhibit of our work which will be there for a couple of weeks. It was really great to show the residents what we've been doing and see what they thought. Some funny comments were that the housing looked too nice for them to live in and things like that but it was great how open they were to our ideas. Our second review was the more standard review the next day, Thursday, and we had some great critics. We were all exhausted but I think everyone's work was really great so it was certainly worth it.


    Following all of the reviews at the end of the week was Final Friday, which was a little celebration organized by Mike Cadwell that got the school together to recognize the work from the quarter. There were some light-hearted awards given out by studio professors from every year and section. They were for everything from best project to most enthusiastic to one successful drawing. It was a fun time and I hope it keeps happening. A good low-key affair to cap off the week.

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