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    welcome back

    Jan 10, '11 10:27 AM EST

    Hello again archinect!
    After a wonderful winter break we've started the quarter here at the KSA. A few great things will be happening. First of all the lecture series, which has lined up some great people for both winter and spring quarters, you can check out the list on the Knowlton website.


    We also have some new/ visiting faculty for the quarter including Charles Davis who will be teaching a seminar on race and place, as well as Jason Payne of Hirsuta who is teaching one of the graduate studios.

    All of us in the G3/6th year/ final-year-of-grad-school studios have realized that this will likely be our last studio ever since we will be working on our exit review lectures next quarter. Our studios include the aforementioned Jason Payne whose topic is surface and more specifically hides, there is a lot of slightly disturbing but in a good way research going on about animal hides and taxidermy. Karen Lewis is running a studio inspired by the high-speed rail debate in Ohio, we'll be studying and speculating on the assumptions and ideas surrounding the shot-down 3Cs corridor and ultimately designing our own transportation corridor for the midwest. The third studio is being run by Jose Oubrerie and the topic involves the investigation of structure such as that found in nature towards the development of a building design.

    Finally, after studying Toshiko Mori's work in the fall for our Baumer Seminar we will get a chance to speak with her when she comes to visit at the end of February. I think we're all excited to see if we have her figured out or are completely making things up, which I think is ok too.

    Well that's all for now, happy winter quarter everyone!


    • Roberto Costa

      Hi Emma,

      Do enjoy your last studio project as it might be the last time you are able to do whatever you want with architecture! best

      Jan 10, 11 4:51 pm

      excited to see the results of that 3Cs corridor studio. such a bummer it's not going to happen since there's so much potential. best.

      Jan 11, 11 6:53 pm

      Thanks for the comments! It is pretty crazy that's it's my last chance to do anything I want so I'll certainly take advantage of it. I'll keep you posted on how the studio turns out. Right now we're exploring the assumptions surrounding the initial proposal thematically, my partner and I have been looking at education connectivity, and getting used to graphically representing these scales of information that are much larger than what we're used to.

      Jan 18, 11 11:20 am

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