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    By doreo
    Mar 22, '10 9:43 PM EST

    This week is the student show at TCAUP, so the crit spaces have been taken over by projects from last semester. The top few students from each studio get the chance to exhibit their studio work.

    CMYK hallway before:

    CMYK hallway during installation (my studio is on the right):

    CMYK hallway after (from the other end):

    A very brief selection of the work exhibited (from both undergrads and grad students)

    Also, if any prospective students are visiting this weekend, let me know if you have any questions about the program, studios, robots, etc.


    • won and done williams

      do you know anything about the project brief for the third project from the bottom? that's the downtown skillman branch of the detroit public library in the foreground. i work in that area. curious to hear what kind of studio was looking at in-fill down there.

      Mar 23, 10 9:45 pm

      The project was from a first-year 3G graduate studio.

      Mar 31, 10 10:12 am

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