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Feb '10 - Mar '11

  • thesis semester, midpoint+one

    By doreo
    Mar 18, '11 4:33 PM EST

    this week i've been zooming out and attempting to draw the concept of the enormous without relying on program or site to contrast it.
    first attempt: dashes

    bigger version here (the printed version is 40x32)

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  • thesis semester, midpoint

    By doreo
    Mar 10, '11 10:15 PM EST

    drawing+model (on the wall) detail of the drawing detail of the drawing detail of the drawing and a screenshot of the film that was playing View full entry

  • thesis semester, week four.

    By doreo
    Feb 8, '11 2:50 PM EST

    drawing plan view and composite drawing of the relationship of program elements to the highway (in blue) View full entry

  • thesis semester, week three.

    By doreo
    Jan 28, '11 3:41 PM EST

    drawing juxtapositions of five generic conditions of program that have been informed by the logic of the enormous. using vectors (shown in blue) to track movement through each spatial condition, patterns of density begin to arise.theorizing how program can be connected to a network. reading foa... View full entry

  • thesis semester, week two.

    By doreo
    Jan 21, '11 4:51 PM EST

    site drawing of the I-15 between las vegas and los angeles. (lighter orange is landscape, blue is the paths of vehicles, and red-orange is the hand motion to turn on and off a turn signal) View full entry

  • thesis semester, week one.

    By doreo
    Jan 11, '11 2:03 PM EST

    poster for the public presentations all one hundred thesis students all made identically-sized books printed through lulu View full entry

  • thesis (book)

    By doreo
    Dec 2, '10 10:54 PM EST

    Open publication - Free publishing - More thesis (thesis seminar final result) View full entry

  • mapping + speed

    By doreo
    Oct 24, '10 5:28 PM EST

    This is another little bit of my thesis project. The first part is here. One mapping of the view out the car windshield along a vector. known knowns Projects designed for transient users require a method of representation that transcends static depictions of space, occupation, and circulation... View full entry

  • thesis, blog. blog, thesis.

    By doreo
    Oct 10, '10 6:58 PM EST

    In an attempt to document my thesis project over the course of the next seven months, I'll be posting my progress. First up is my thoughts on site in relation to infrastructural networks. The images are snippets from a series of maps that are used as locative visual media for the work. known... View full entry

  • end of year one

    By doreo
    Apr 28, '10 8:23 PM EST

    design computing/paramod/wednesday nights with frank gehry The final review for my Digital Project seminar was a few weeks back (nicely offset from other classes). After spending the first portion of the class working through tutorials, the second half was devoted to individual projects that, for... View full entry


    By doreo
    Mar 22, '10 9:43 PM EST

    This week is the student show at TCAUP, so the crit spaces have been taken over by projects from last semester. The top few students from each studio get the chance to exhibit their studio work. CMYK hallway before: CMYK hallway during installation (my studio is on the right): CMYK hallway after... View full entry

  • the prettiest dictionary

    By doreo
    Mar 11, '10 11:24 PM EST

    Our task for theory this week was to create a visual polemic based on an assigned critical text. Earlier in the semester we worked in groups to analyze and present the text, but now we're on our own to develop a list of terms and a visual means of defining them. My text, Nic Clear's AD issue... View full entry

  • Spring Break Reading

    By doreo
    Feb 28, '10 10:18 PM EST

    Atlas of Novel Tectonics for Design Computing (Digital Project)Society of the Spectacle and Points+Lines for StudioCadillac Desert for American SpaceTheoretical Anxiety and Design Strategies and Architectures of the Near Future for Theory View full entry

  • Cloudy with a Chance of Clouds: Mark Dorrian

    By doreo
    Feb 13, '10 5:24 PM EST

    Lecture: Mark Dorrian "Clouds of Architecture" An interesting take on the use of clouds in architecture, Mark Dorrian worked through several conceptions of them including buildings that take on cloud-like properties through transparency, projects like Diller Scofidio's "Blur" which create a cloud... View full entry

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