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    architecture students turned furniture designers

    joanna tan
    Mar 19, '10 5:03 PM EST

    design a bench that would fit three sitting people and a recline for one

    here are just a few:

    bench by nick m, sari h, tim h

    bench by mintra m, dave s, wanlin y

    bench by jessica c, chris r, nathan h

    bench by malone d, jamie m, ashley f

    bench by ahad b, elliot a, brian l, joanna t


    • myriam

      is the second one made out of... tennis balls?! is there a link to see these in higher resolution? they're very interesting.

      Mar 21, 10 1:18 am  · 

      yup.. tennis balls! strung together by wire so that it could be manipulated into many forms

      here is the flickr set:
      Mar 21, 10 3:33 am  · 

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