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    The first post from a second year

    joanna tan
    Sep 10, '09 2:14 AM EST

    As you can tell from the lack of entries... it has been a hectic start. The studios this year are a lot better than the "dungeon" we had to work in last year. First year studio is dubbed the dungeon because it is basically one large space located in the basement. (cold, dark threshold included.) But I have to admit the dungeon was a good strategy to introduce "architorture" while allowing all of the first year students to bond through shared hardships. The second year studios are split into two rooms with the privilege of a view through a window we could actually look out of! (windows were luxury we didn't have while in the dungeon.) Yeah, I miss hearing the accumulated noise from the whole class but now that we have doors without "alarms that go off if kept open for longer than a minute", we still visit one another often.

    I am currently working on the part b of the first project and I already feel like a cad monkey! The first part of the project consisted of analyzing and producing analytical drawings of the space and form of a single object. Objects in my studio ranged from a shoe to a head of lettuce. I felt really bad for the studios with people who chose something smelly such as onions or garlic especially since we were stuck cutting our objects into sections and drawing them for days! And now that part a of project one is over with, part b is thankfully free from rot-capable objects. We are all assigned a precedent and our task is to analyze the spatial and formal qualities through drawing plans, sections and diagrams.

    Second year is awesome so far, especially with an insightful instructor. I feel that we are constantly putting our acquired knowledge to the test. At this point the curriculum is just right, not too abstract and not based on too many codes.. yet.

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      jeff acts like such a bully in reviews; its sad - but funny. He gives The Harshest reviews out of everyone, I think its because he has to feel strong because hes a render-er.

      Sep 17, 09 4:21 am  · 

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