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    A Semester of Material

    joanna tan
    Feb 2, '10 1:43 AM EST

    This new semester has many of the second years at the architecture school rethink architecture in a new light. We have all put a pause to the ideals of poché(space and form), movement, sequence and the urban, conditioned to us by Andrew Liang and we are now focusing on the the micro details of material and the information that belong within the poché. The coordinator this semester is Gail Borden and my instructor is Andrew Atwood. We started off with a precedent study which gave me the opportunity to cast the details of the exterior of the Beinecke library. Let's just say casting is a bit messy and it takes more than once to get it just right.. but once perfected, all of the ruined clothes and failed attempts seems to be well worth it. Simultaneously, we were assigned a paper cube project, an assignment that sought for tectonics and exploration of paper material. We are currently working on a wooden cube and an assembly project which has each and every one of us come up with a joint given a limit of 8 cuts on a 1.5"x1.5"x12 piece of douglas fir. We are allowed up to three different units and we must assemble 27 of the pieces together. With all of the experience of wood during this past week I am surprised at the lack of splinters and the abundance of saw dust I seem to be coughing up and emptying out of my nasal cavities. Lesson Learned: Use a mask in wood shop.

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    • Los Angeles

      post some photos of the casted fist/hand. see you...everyday.

      Feb 2, 10 2:25 am  · 

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