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    Life after a summer in Paris

    By Droselle
    Sep 11, '09 10:17 PM EST

    I have not updated in a while. I apologize.

    I had a great experience this summer. I travelled to about a dozen major European cities. I saw so much amazing architecture. Paris was my favorite city, which I might be biased to because I lived there for five of the eleven weeks I was in Europe. The city has so much beautiful architecture. I also loved the culture. Traveling was a lot of fun. Hostels provide awesome opportunities to meet great people, especially the hostels with bars in them.

    The transition back to the US wasn't too difficult. I spent most of the time in NYC. I looked Columbias program. I really liked it.

    Studio begun last week. I already pulled two-near all nighters (three hours of sleep). I luckily have a really good crit this semester who I can tell is going to work us hard. I'm excited. I have a high expectations this semester.

    The rest of the semester will consist of me preparing for graduate school and the possibility of going to England next semester for a design studio. It will be the first semester long study abroad for studio that umd has offered. I'd go with the studio professor I had last semester, who is probably my favorite professor at the school. We find out in a few weeks if it is going to happen. People need to figure out if they can afford it and if too many people cannot, then the trip is cancelled. So I'm praying that somehow money will trickle in to help a few people out. Ah, I really hope it works.

    I have to get going on my portfolio, take the GREs again (first time didn't pan out too well), narrow down the list of what schools to apply to, etc.

    We have a portfolio workshop lead by Harold Linton in a few weeks which I'm looking forward to. He's supposedly the go-to guide for a good portfolio. So for twenty bucks, we'll have a 9-5 workshop with him. Not a bad deal.

    Ok, I should begin my studio work, on a friday night, how lame. But I am in a cool coffee shop in DC, so that makes it a little better, not much, but enough to get me through it.

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