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    Summer/Quad Conference/Urban Project

    By Droselle
    Apr 11, '09 6:43 PM EST

    Quick Update:

    I am determining whether or not I am staying Europe for a few weeks after my study abroad in Paris. The program ends July 11th and my cousins and grandma are traveling to Italy to meet my extended family August 1st. My grandma hasn't seen her family in over twenty years so it would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see her in her natural environment. That would leave two weeks to fill in Europe. I am stuck because I would love to travel alone for two weeks. That would be a dream come true. But, I feel that it is a stretch since I am not in control of my monetary needs at the moment, which leaves the final say in the hands of my parents who are not as thrilled with the idea as much as I am. Well my Dad is, but my mom is not. As much as I want to push my "master plan," I feel like I am flirting with the spoiled kid syndrome where I feel entitled to any good idea out there. In that case, I just want to wait it out, see what my parents decide and hope to God they say yes.

    In studio news, the quad conference went well. It was nice to see a bunch of other architecture students from other schools. I ran into a friend from Syracuse who took a summer studio course with me in high school. Its great to be able to talk about architecture now without talking out of our ass. We had our infamous Beaux-Arts Ball in the neo-classic Postal Museum down in DC. The building was beautiful but the odd thing was we ended up having the dance in the hallway. They didn't hold it in the main hall. Well, I was a hit that night, as I was called out by the DJ for showing off my sweet dance moves on crutches. There was a lot of hopping. The next day was painful. I guess you had to be there.

    We just finished our urban project. I learned the perils of group work this week. One group mate got sick three days before it was due. So the work was up to me and one other girl. It was a tough week but I am happy with the result. Now for some odd reason, I am still in the architecture building without anything to do. I don't think its a good sign when I start to relax here...

    I lied. there is no such thing as a quick update.

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