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    So Excited

    By Droselle
    Apr 3, '09 12:56 PM EST

    So in about a half an hour, I'm going to Baltimore to pick up Moshe Safdie! I'm so excited. We, UMD, is hosting the quad conference for AIAS and he is our keynote speaker. I am getting the privilege to pick him and his wife up with our AIAS president.

    Moshe and his wife will be sitting in my car very soon. I am flipping out a little. I definitely get architecture star struck. (starchitecture struck?)




    • PodZilla

      Know how you feel. I met Thom Mayne at our school and again at a MoMA party and definately got a little "star struck", in a good way. Have fun!

      Apr 3, 09 3:33 pm

      interestingly enough, i know someone who used to work at his office who may not want to be in the same car as him. but have fun!

      Apr 3, 09 6:34 pm

      So today was such a great day. I got to spend a lot time with Moshe and his wife who are such nice, down to earth people.

      One highlight of the night was a group of us went out to dinner with Moshe and his wife.( Also at the table was my future studio professor and the director of the school.) One of the girls asked him to search for something on his iphone, what I don't know. At this point, I'm sitting at the other side of the table talking with his wife. I hear Moshe say "Dave, did you write a blog about me today?" And he shows me that my blog is the first hit for his name on google. He then opened the blog and read it out loud. My face turned bright read but everyone was laughing. It was a great moment, one I'll remember for a while.

      Apr 4, 09 12:50 am

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