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    Hardest or maybe the simplest question to ask

    By swamprat
    Apr 23, '09 1:49 AM EST

    What gets you up in the morning/everyday?


    • My alarm.

      Apr 23, 09 8:56 am

      i don't need to do anything, its like that when i wake up.

      Apr 23, 09 10:41 am

      The morning light

      Apr 23, 09 10:42 am


      Apr 23, 09 12:15 pm

      The high heels of the girls who live above me

      Apr 23, 09 12:44 pm

      Having to pee really bad.

      Apr 23, 09 1:59 pm

      all of the above and making enough money to pay the mortgage for a house I don't live in

      Apr 23, 09 4:12 pm

      you guys get up in the morning?

      i really enjoyed my 10 am start time in germany.

      getting to work before 8 is a struggle. luckily i have a dog who's bathroom schedule is more clever than my alarm.

      Apr 24, 09 1:22 am

      When I'm Home? My cat(s) gently pawing at or meowing in my face to go out/be fed/be played with.

      When I'm at School? My roommate yelling at me to "stop hitting snooze on your damn phone and get up already!"

      Apr 25, 09 2:16 pm

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