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    By swamprat
    Sep 6, '08 11:25 AM EST

    So I have now been in Chicago for one month, and in school for two weeks. i am taking four classes: Studio, Theory, Theory Seminar, Design tech.

    The studio project is to rethink the Chicago Public Library site in the South Loop. As of now we are working in ten groups focusing on different areas of research. My group was in charge of building two site models. Sounds easy but we had no shop access. Besides Thursday's leaking building we didn't run into any trouble. This weekend we now have to take the research and create a RFP.

    In theory class we are covering 10 contemporary architects and their legacies. What really makes this class interesting is that some of the father figures covered are lecturing here this quarter.

    Theory seminar will be fun, its with Joe Rosa. It seems pretty laid back in the amount of work, but intense in information.

    Design tech will be interesting. I guess they revamped the class for this year, and they are trying to link technical knowledge with abstract thought. They also have made it so that it links up with our studio class, so that projects in both classes become stronger.

    That's it for now. We are starting strong and I don't see a down point in the semester. Should be fun.

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