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    Parsons Design/Build Video= Thumbs Up!

    Jessica Coleman
    Oct 30, '08 4:32 AM EST

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that Parsons Architecture Department made a nice "Learning by Doing" video about Parsons Design Workshop.

    I was apart of the Margaretville Pavilion 2007, the largest to date. A great aspect of the video shows the Design/Build alum spreading similar programs to other schools, which what I plan to do at BGSU.

    And yes there were bets that we would not finish. But that made us even more determined to finish...which we did.

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    • That's really interesting, cheers. It's great to see so much practical experience coming into the course. The Margaretville project is really impressive too. You must have felt so satisfied once it was all finished!

      Oct 30, 08 9:33 pm  · 

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