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    Battle of the NYC Skyscrapers (Empire State Building vs Chrysler Building)

    Jessica Coleman
    Nov 7, '08 10:44 PM EST

    Ok so I have been at Parsons for almost 3 years and I suddenly realized that my love for the Empire State Building has grown over the years, possibly over the Chrysler Building.

    Before I even moved to NYC my love for the Chrysler building was strong. Who could deny the sexy Art Deco architecture that completely embodies that era of that time?

    This change has been a gradual one. There have been a many of times after leaving studio at 2am in which I can just look 20 blocks
    down 5th Ave with the Empire greeting my bloodshot eyes with splash of color. It is patriotic-with red, white, and blue, says Merry X-mas-with red, green, and white, and even Happy Valentines Day with red, white, and pink.

    Maybe only buildings "talk" to architects...or maybe not. Why else would people travel all around the world to see something that is made of concrete and steel?

    Whether your favorite NYC skyscraper is the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, or Rockefeller Center all of these display the beauty that is according to Koolhaas, "The culture of congestion."

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