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    The First Week - Part One

    By _ks
    Sep 7, '08 8:24 AM EST

    Going to do this in two posts...first being the first week experience and the second being my studio project thus far.

    Finally officially begun all classes and all in all every class looks great except one [Beaux-Arts Water Color Class..a lot more on this later].
    Class Schedule: 1. M.Arch I Studio - Skins and Sculls [3 week project]
    My critic this quarter is Jennifer Leung, this being her second year as a critic at YSOA. The interest of the studio is in 'skins,' although the project is the first of three this semester. I'm pretty happy with the way the studio is coordinated this year [by Ben Pell] as the projects move from smaller scale program and site up to a larger scale urban intervention project.

    2. Modern Architecture with Kurt Forster - This is just one of the reasons of why to come to Yale. Kurt is perhaps one of the more dynamic lecture's I've listened to in a while, especially in design, and his insights into the historical development of architecture is incredibly unique.

    3. Intro To Visual Studies with Peter Eisenman - Love this class. Peter is awesome, and the projects are just enjoyable / different than anything I've ever done or tried before. I'm definitely poor at the whole ink on mylar thing, but the conceptual agenda of the class is great.

    4. Case Studies in Architectural Theory 1680-1987 - Ariane Laurie - Another really great class, I got out of Structures I so I'm taking this second year required theory class so that I can have free time to pursue independent studies/interests next year. Ariane is a superb lecturer and although the reading is intense [my $125 reader weighs like 10pounds] I'm really excited about this class; the material is fantastic and I just enjoy classes that have smaller discussion groups. Time to put that philosophy minor to good use.

    5. Water Color Class - I'm just going to leave it at that now.

    First Years had their first happy hour, know here as 6 on 7 this past friday which went over really well. The party was put on by an all-star crew of three first year kids and the theme was Barcelona [a shared place of study abroad for all three]. The mojito's were something else, and I heard the tapa's were good but they were gone in about ten minutes.

    The first week has certainly been intense, just re-adjusting my schedule back to work mode. The only really overwhelming part of the start is just the amount of work that has been beaten upon us. Give it some time and i'll be back in the swing of it.

    i'll post tonight about studio project..we've got our first 'midterm' review tomorrow...i.e. halfway through the three week. but since i hate not posting images, here is a quick test render i did yesterday for an early idea....


    until later,

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