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    First Proejct Final Review

    By _ks
    Sep 27, '08 1:05 PM EST

    We had final reviews on Monday + Tuesday so life has been in a bit of recovery mode this week with all third years on travel for advanced studio. Travel week also equates to no drawing due for Peter's class this week which gives us some a bit of free time. Although that free time is quickly absorbed by our beaux-arts water color class. Hooray for mimesis.

    My review was constructive, although overall I'm pretty disappointed in this project. I think it has more to do with time and adjusting to life here at grad school. Project was completed in three weeks, so it is what it is. Conceptually I was trying to mediate a project that was about programatically contested zones....i.e. kayak boat Launch space is the same space as event space is the same space is path to water's edge so that when different user's come to the space they are in conflict over who and how exactly it is used. There's enough program space for all, but it translated into a pretty tight corridor that runs through the site. The canopies [ultimately way to symbolic] serve as wall/roof/wall and are the public faces of community and neighboring sculpture center and collide right at the contested program zone. Maybe their was some other things i was thinking about, but it was a three week project so you know...


    In other news I'll be editing Retrospecta this coming year so I'm pretty excited for the summer. It's a paying gig, but only enough to make it through the summer. We've got three other all star editors and a huge interest in staff so hopefully we'll be able to accomplish quite a bit. It should be a pretty interesting Retrospecta due in part to the return to the building [now called Paul Rudolph Hall] although that doesn't seem to roll of the tongue quite as nice as the A+A. I've never edited a publication but I have to say that last years Retrospecta was really fantastic and so we're hoping to stay on that level.

    Also, since it's been a while since I've posted, Walter Hood Lectured here last week. I love this guy. Incredibly interesting, great speaker, really innovative ideas. He currently teaches at Berkley so for those who have him, your lucky. The lecture was last week and was mostly about his work, with lots and lots of projects and him just talking about them, so if you don't know whom he is I suggest you look into it.


    • yeah Hood is good.

      Sep 28, 08 3:06 am

      walter hood is great... so great i wanted him to be my advisor. i'm in the post professional landscape arch school at berkeley. i just went to yale to visit a friend...m.bauld. i think that i met you this past weekend, but i met a lot of people and i'm aweful with names. i'm impressed with the production that your class has done..i understand that its pretty intense. good luck with the rest of your semester.

      Oct 7, 08 4:44 pm

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