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    Joke of the Morning

    By _ks
    Sep 15, '08 9:11 AM EST

    me...hey check it out, i'm working on moses's burning bush over here know moses is pretty important in architecture

    me...oh don't tell me i know

    john...he's more influential than corbusier...he had the first parti.

    GET IT?

    but seriously, we have final reviews on our first 3 week studio project [see earlier post] a week from today and I have a whole bungle of stuff to finish.

    i'll post some progress images later.



    • liberty bell

      I'm sorry, no, I don't get it.

      But that's OK, you don't have to explain it. Maybe it will come to me later in the week.

      Sep 15, 08 5:13 pm

      A “Parti” is a concept and idea or a visual representation of that. So correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel they are referring to the 10 commandment.

      By the way I think it’s funny.

      Sep 16, 08 11:40 am

      that's funny, i guess it could be the ten commandments but i was thinking parti'ng red sea.

      Sep 16, 08 11:40 pm

      40 years in the dessert with Gods chosen people could be quite the party.

      Kyle, its neal

      Sep 25, 08 10:21 pm

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