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    9 Days until the move to London!

    By in.flucx
    Aug 25, '08 10:29 AM EST

    1 Week until I leave

    “A painting does not move. But our interaction with it is dynamic for we scan it with our eyes, we attend to it selectively and our perceptual processes build up images of parts of it. Further, consciously or not, the artist anticipated this dynamic interaction (if only because he looks at the painting himself). Of course a painting does not respond to us either. … But our internal representation of the picture, our active perception of it, does respond and does engage in an internal ‘conversation’ with the part of our mind responsible for immediate awareness.”

    I am leaving the country in 1 week and 2 days. This past weekend I went to the casino; "dont go" is my only advice. If you really want to test your character and your persistence go to a casino. No matter how many times you tell your self I am only going to go to the ATM once, you'll go back time and time again. I ended up winning 120$ but it was the most gut-wrenching $120 I have ever earned. At the end I told my friends once this machine hits $100 pull me away; and that they did.

    *Surprise Party*

    morgan, my girlfriend wonderfully decieved me this past month and organized a huge blow-out party complete with friends from Raleigh/ Architecture School/and Charlotte. Its really setting in with my friends and I that I am moving out of the country for 12 months.

    well back to work...make the last bit of $$ before I head over to ££ land.


    • Hi. What year are you coming in to at the Bartlett?

      Aug 25, 08 4:00 pm  · 


      - I am an incoming M.Arch Arch Design Student. this will be my first year @ The Bartlett.

      Aug 26, 08 10:45 am  · 


      Hope you have fun. MArch is some crazy post-diploma stuff!

      Aug 26, 08 12:32 pm  · 


      That's great. How come you decided to do your MArch at the Bartlett? I take it you've already done a diploma equivalent?

      Aug 26, 08 2:26 pm  · 

      Yes I have,

      I have graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a equivalent degree. I was originally born in England and it was always my dream to go back to school there. That coupled with the outstanding reputation of Bartlett's architectural style that is similar to mine equalled a winning solution. :D

      Aug 26, 08 3:33 pm  · 

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