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    By colinrichardson
    Dec 8, '07 10:57 PM EST

    acknowledging that i'm supposed to use this space to give people a sense of what school here is like, i'm gonna share some of the work i've been doing this semester:

    Representation, a sort-of intro class for grad students, has come to an end. It's one of those classes that has painless, but useful assignments and great lectures. Five professors split the teaching duties- they all lectured on different days and then each headed up a section. In Malcolm's section, our final project required modeling an italian renaissance building in rhino, relying on geometry and proportion instead of measurement. It was an interesting way to work. I took on the tempietto maser; a smaller, half-palladian church outside of venice.







    earlier projects:

    posters exercise:
    "visual gestures that depart from overused icons for some cities"




    data graphics exercise
    finding the compelling in information through clear representation



    procedural form exercise
    "variations on a theme in three dimensions... by means of a carefully selected sequence of operations"


    multiplane projection exercise
    "use construction/projection lines to translate information from one plane to another.. do not build a 3d model"



    generative form exercise
    "progressive variations on a fragment to produce an emergent whole"




    • nice work, colcol! some great efficient but very clear means of communication being developed here - as evidenced by how few words were required for you to tell us what they were about.

      i might have benefitted from a course like this at the beginning of grad.

      Dec 9, 07 7:22 am
      won and done williams

      nice work. beautiful 3d model.

      Dec 9, 07 10:09 am

      nice work! thanks for posting.

      Dec 9, 07 10:45 am

      i agree with steven ward. it's so refreshing seeing this in comparison to the brontosaurus sperm being generated in columbia.

      Dec 9, 07 12:32 pm

      It's really interesting to see a Palladian building modeled so well in Rhino. Nice work colcol. I think you made some really beautiful drawings in this class.

      DJ Tanner,

      your comments are really obnoxious. if you were able to give an intelligent critique of the work (which means you would have to understand what the work is about in the first place), then please share. If not, do you really have to be such a prick and hate on someones work you know nothing about?

      Dec 9, 07 3:57 pm

      Steven, jafidler, aml, DJ, beef-
      thanks for the encouragement- i'm just putting up what i did, some of which i'm more proud of some of which less. what was really exciting about this class was watching 80 other people take on the same basic assignments in different ways.

      DJ- this is just one class- we have numerous opportunities for BS work here too.

      Dec 9, 07 4:37 pm

      you had 80 people in one class!!!? That seems a bit crazy.

      Dec 9, 07 5:55 pm

      well, it's 80 for lectures and then we break into 5 sections for discussions (all led by actual faculty). i like it, because the faculty rotate for lectures, focusing on what they know well, instead of having one person taking on everything more generally.

      Dec 9, 07 6:12 pm

      yeah, sorry. seriously i've been in an ornery mood lately with looming app deadlines. it's just a little depressing thinking about m.arch school and the random shit they put you through.

      Dec 9, 07 7:26 pm
      le bossman

      colcol this is way better than your last entry

      Dec 10, 07 10:15 am

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