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    Motor City Motor Trip

    By colinrichardson
    Sep 5, '06 3:10 PM EST

    So, I've neglected this blog a bit... and I know you all want to know about the work we did throughout july and august, but i'm gonna hold off on that for now. Instead, I'd like to share with you a few pictures from our incredibly awesome field trip to detroit.

    This is John as he exits a super-fancy (they would never take me as a client) hair salon that Christian's firm designed... for me it represented something important, after all academic work we do, some day we might be able to design something that is actually built.. some day.

    Tom and Reiji on the road, Reiji loves american culture, Tom f@%#ing hates it.

    I liked the warps in the roof.

    We visited the Heidelberg Project, an ongoing work by Tyree Guyton. Matt (pictured above) transforms into godzilla and wreaks havoc.

    A really flat shopping cart. (photo credit: Tim)

    Zago's pavilion... Mika is fed up with architecture.

    Like a cloud in our sky, grab your things let's fly away....

    We're all Meising it up in lafayette park.

    You thought there weren't none... A kinda cool moment in the renaissance center. The whole SOM (or was it HOK?) renovation was..... interesting. Walking on all that glass created a ton of static electricity.

    Is this ice cream truck legit?

    sushi at OSLO. i shamed myself when michael and i lost to loren in a sushi eating conetst... the whole affair was kinda gross and debilitating.



    • liberty bell

      No, that ice cream truck is far from legit.

      Lafayette Park is pretty cool, yeah?

      Next field trip, make sure you go to Cranbrook, it is like nowhere else on the planet. Magical.

      Sep 5, 06 3:36 pm  · 
      Chili Davis

      Actually, 6 will take anyone for a client, as long as you are willing to shell out $36 for a mens haircut.

      Sep 5, 06 3:38 pm  · 

      lb, our first field trip was to cranbrook, it was a great trip. one of our profs just referred to it as "the school you wish you had went to".

      chili, you've got a good point, i'm in the habit of cutting my own hair, which is practically free but comes with the drawback of sore shoulders.

      Sep 5, 06 5:45 pm  · 
      le bossman

      shit...i haven't even gotten a chance to eat at oslo yet. maybe when i go back for the holidays.

      i cut my own hair as well.

      Sep 5, 06 7:23 pm  · 

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