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    By colinrichardson
    Jun 30, '06 10:13 PM EST

    on tuesday, one of our professors told us that this will be like running a marathon for the next 3 years.

    the past few days have been long. it's been 4 days (i just had to do the math in my head) but it does seem longer. i can barely remember what i was doing a week ago, just that it was different. did i have a job? did i live somewhere else?

    the assignments have piled up quickly. the bulk come from the studio component of the program. we've built "sites" out of mdf for the project we'll start next week. we also had a guest instructor in for the past two days who taught us a number of model building techniques and led us through a cutting and gluing project. tomorrow we start experimenting with one piece each of mdf and masonite to explore addition and subtraction.

    we've spent a lot of time in the shop in the past three days, first learning about rules/tools/methods -we all now know not to sand plastic on the belt sander and that the jointer would chew off our finger before we could feel it. it's a nice shop, much cleaner and better organized than most of the ones i've worked in before.

    would anyone happen to know of any printed photographs of Andrew Zago's model of his Greening of Detroit Pavilion? other than the 2 from Architecture magazine april 2001? I need to find at least four more, and so i pray.

    i had to google "intumescent", i consider myself warned.

    the lounges are very nice, i think they'll make studio all-nighters a bit more pleasant.

    there are a few michaels in the studio, i'll figure out who yours is and tell him you say hi.


    • WonderK

      For a minute there I thought you were going to tell me how to run Windows on my Mac and I got really excited :o)

      Good luck this summer!

      Jun 30, 06 10:42 pm  · 

      i read that as tumescent the first time round.

      strange conversations with puddles were runnng through my head...viagra for overworked architects and where to get it...something like that.

      Jul 1, 06 3:37 am  · 

      re: zago. maybe in XS? I can't remember —and don't have it with me— but i know i've seen it printed elsewhere. have they ran you through the avery index orientation yet?

      Jul 1, 06 8:42 am  · 
      brian buchalski
      "through wall penetration firestop" oh, yeah...keep talking dirty to me
      Jul 1, 06 2:30 pm  · 

      the pavilion is on east jefferson about a mile east of downtown detroit


      Jul 1, 06 10:08 pm  · 

      so nostalgic... have fun!

      Jul 7, 06 2:23 am  · 

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