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    By colinrichardson
    Jul 13, '06 11:40 AM EST

    we're about to have our first crit. i've burned through the past week working on the "model space" project. i like it, i'm not sure that it really deals with what they wanted us to deal with, but there's nothing like a crit to set you straight. we started with a pre-designed "site", the large construction of mdf boards, and then had to manipulate it and build around with using a fixed budget of mdf, masonite, and bass wood. it's been amazing watching the projects develop. everyone's approaching it a different way. it's been fun, now on to five hours of sitting and listening.


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      Jul 13, 06 11:43 am  · 

      sorry, i had truoble figuring out how to upload it.. i'll post a bunch after the crit.

      Jul 13, 06 12:07 pm  · 

      wow. now, imagine a bathhouse in that.

      Jul 13, 06 6:17 pm  · 

      haha, my model's much better after a few drinks

      Jul 14, 06 1:49 am  · 

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