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    che bello!

    By kim l.
    Jan 15, '07 12:14 PM EST

    ah yes vico morcote atlast.

    considering i only wrote 3 entries last semester, i have set a new year's goal of surpassing that number, but by how much i'm not so maybe 4 this time.

    if 2gbers have not forgotten i still write in this thing every so often, greetings and salutations! i've been eating alot of cheese, and you guessed it, IT'S DELICIOUS! i had tiramisu last night and damn it was BOMB! they have 2 little kitties that wander town, but they definitely do not replace butters and sadie. i miss them =\

    for non-2gb folks, i'm studying abroad this semester in vico morcote switzerland, which is located in the only italian speaking canton, and near the italian border. i am located uphill from lago di vico, about 10 km from lugano, 40 min from milan, and a few time zones from LA.

    panoramic of the view from my window

    vico morcote lies high up the mountain side of a misty valley. the streets are lined in stone and the alley ways are narrow and arched. the town is small, quiet, deserted...being that it is a summer vacation home spot. the sun rises around 8am and through the fog, its light is blinding, but warm even in the winter chill. some days are cool enough to let the breeze flow through freely. today my bedroom window is open and a bird has been singing its song since sunrise. the light here is different…its a pale clear yellow and not quite as saturated as back home. below is the lake that looks more like grayed obsidian and is so still that it mirrors each and every house with its own respective color. only with the passing of a boat does the reflection break with ripples that seem to last ages.

    my mind feels more at rest here and i’m not quite sure if it is because of the beauty that surrounds me or the passing of time that has eased some of the sadness and anxiety from back home. the first day i was here, i took a stroll through town and further up the mountains. someone there grows a small vineyard, someone else owns a chicken coup, someone else raises bees, and somewhere in the distance, i can hear that someone owns goats. the trees are bald and their bony fingers are constantly clawing at the sky. there is a woman who owns a sheepdog with pale blue eyes and they take a walk each day. there is also a small christmas tree growing in a pot that is still decorated with red glass ornaments.

    maybe its the lack of cars that pass by, or the scheduled bus stops every 7 minutes, or the aroma of chinese food at 9am, or the distant bustle of city and freeways that makes this place so surreal. i awake to sunlight through my bedroom curtains, and when i look outside, i see the silhouettes of mountains and fog for days. the home adjacent to us has the chimney going every morning. the air is crisp and everything seems rested and soft. time still passes just as quickly, but not in a way that is disquieting. though there aren’t enough hours, it doesn’t feel as if i have to make up for the time lost or that i must work twice as hard because the daylight is less. it really is the kind of stuff dreams are made of.

    so do i have any regrets about leaving so last minute and probably being dead broke and in more debt? HA. no.


    • you mean you dont miss the mixed scent of car exhausts, dog poo, and homleessness around SCI-Arc?

      vico sounds awesome. please share your pics.

      Jan 15, 07 5:06 pm  · 

      who are the instructors this semester and where will your group be travelling?

      Jan 15, 07 11:30 pm  · 
      kim l.

      dot, if you care to look, i have a flickr account of all my you can tell, i'm quite lazy in resizing and post you'll just have to go to these links...

      vico: [url=]here[\url]

      italy trips:

      dammson, the instructors are: studio-ludovica molo, visual studies-luciano rigolini, history&theory-bruno queysanne, materials&contruction-mike dolinski. all are wonderful thus far and have exciting ideas for this semester.

      Jan 17, 07 7:37 am  · 
      kim l.

      hmm okay the links suck, but the addresses you'll just have to copy&paste =\

      Jan 17, 07 7:39 am  · 

      ah yeah...mike dolinski's trips are great...has he shown you guys the house he designed just down the road from the villa?...when i was in vico he took us to a boat factory along lake como and one of the guys took us for a spin on his speed boat...the guy did donuts on the water...

      i like bruno for his mind transporting lectures...his lectures are like him teaching you how to swim in the ocean...he'll take you from the shallow end to the deep end but eventually back, feeling safe at the beach

      Jan 17, 07 1:12 pm  · 

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