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    bad gas

    By kim l.
    Sep 5, '06 11:42 PM EST

    i woke up this morning with a case of really bad gas. now, i'm not quite sure if it was from the awesome triple cream brie i ate last night (that's been known to be the cause in my past experience), or the glass noodles i made for dinner (less likely). OR it could be that i realized just before bed how much of a commitment i have put myself into by doing this blog. i don't know about the rest of you folks, but ever since i enrolled as an m.Arch, i have become the biggest commitment-phobe. you would think that a long string of bad male "companions" would do the trick, but no no, all it takes is a yr of arch school. often my response has been "can't make it, i'll be in studio." there's nothing like the fear of commitment that'll give me a bad case of good ol flatulence.

    in other news, i've been calling the facilities manager B about every other day. the poor man has never met me, and he already knows my voice better than the last guy i dated. these calls, of course, are made in order to find out the absolute first day i can move into my space and hoard the most covenant work space in studio. yes people, that is the type of neurotic you are dealing with. and of course, NO news on whether or not the spaces for designated studios are approved (same old sci-arc fashion).

    if you didn't read my bio, you should know i've been a bum all summer. soaking in the sun at the beach on most days, sleeping in till noon, cooking experimental concoctions, and gyming it up. as a result of the insane lack of deadlines, late hours, stress, anxiety, therapy, chopped fingers, glue sniffing, rendering frustrations, and plotting room nightmares, i am excited for school to begin. a little apprehension because of an extra class that was stealthy plopped in 3 weeks ago (this has been the major debate/woe of our studio and is in the process of being dealt the sci-arc way...). this will make the total for this semester to 4 seminars, studio, and 2 workshops. sigh. get ready for a fast, exciting, bitchy road down yr 2 sem 1.

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    • geezopeez

      kim's the best!!

      Sep 10, 06 5:38 am  · 

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