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    Valpo ... (not in Indiana)

    By k.doran
    Jul 8, '07 6:16 PM EST

    Valparaiso; a port town stuck onto the side of a cliff frequented by hippies, punks, sailors and transvestites......also seems to serve as a Fort Lauderdale for South America´s stray dog population. Improvised trolleys carry the weary uphill, nearer Neruda´s hood and Cerro´s smelling of bbq, fresh paint and dog remains.imageimageimage Ascensor imageimageimage where our oranges come from


    • lovely images. I want to say something about that "stray dog population" but alas words leave me.

      also isn't that a funicular?

      Jul 8, 07 9:18 pm  · 

      so valpo IN was originally porter IN and renamed itself after a stranger walked into a bar there and told his tales of his incredible travels to this exotic town called Valparaiso. Everyone got excited including the mayor and so the rest was history. very interesting photos.

      Jul 10, 07 9:54 am  · 

      wow, i never expected to see my city here. And let me tell you that is more than stray dogs, tranvestites and punks!

      yes architechnophilia , that is our version of a funicular. We have more than 15 elevators that connect the hills with the flat part of the city (and miles and miles of stairs too)

      greetings from Valparaiso, Chile

      Jul 12, 07 3:40 pm  · 

      apologies politachi
      your city amazed me, and provided a needed respite from the dullness of santiago´s hyper consumerist culture

      Jul 13, 07 6:43 pm  · 

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