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    I'll see your Albany and raise you a Brasilia

    By k.doran
    Nov 12, '07 4:22 PM EST

    Where Harrison got Albany
    imageimageimageimage Best elevation everimage Chillin' in the Super Quads


    • Arjun Bhat

      i fold.

      technically speaking, however, harrison was urged to model albany's capital by Rockefeller after mr. moneybags visited Lhasa, Tibet and saw the Potala Palace.

      Nov 12, 07 5:19 pm  · 

      you take the best pictures...

      Nov 12, 07 9:24 pm  · 

      So I've always wondered--is it possible to walk down those stairs without holding your arms out at your sides?

      Beautiful pictures. Make me want to go visit even more. I love his work but I've never had the opportunity to visit any.

      Nov 13, 07 12:12 am  · 
      Andrew M

      I just traveled to Brasilia as well. I'll be putting up even more photos from Sao Paulo, and Rio. Check out my blog at

      Nov 13, 07 3:01 pm  · 

      Check out my blog at

      Nov 13, 07 4:01 pm  · 
      brian buchalski

      k.doran is my hero

      Nov 14, 07 12:53 pm  · 

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