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    Reed Option Studio; Cape Cod

    By k.doran
    May 23, '07 10:07 PM EST

    Landscape Option Studio
    Fixing Forces : Remediation + Reuse of the MMR

    The Department of Defense’s desire to consolidate and streamline homeland operations has resulted in the reduction of existing land uses and the decommissioning of very large, often urban tracts of lands. The Base Re-alignment Commission (BRAC) has assigned installations with large parcels of lands, multiple military tenants, access to large scale logistic infrastructure and geographic significance to absorb the activities of neighboring facilities. Decades of training and use have left facilities marked for de-commissioning contaminated and prescriptively marked; acres of airfields, depots, ranges and rail yards requiring remediation and resurfacing to provide opportunities for infiltration and occupation by new activities and programmes.



    • Eduardo

      milled? is there a logic behind the pattern? does it has to do with the construction technique? and whats up with the ak-47? jesus!

      May 23, 07 10:26 pm  · 

      beautiful.....but, yeah a bit more explanation would be great...i'm intrigued.

      May 24, 07 12:55 pm  · 

      nevermind the project, how about a bit more explanation on your +/- rating this season

      May 24, 07 3:07 pm  · 

      milled; yes. foam.

      logic; the form is the result of the excavation radius of a standard CAT excavator and depth of existing petroleum contamination on the Massachusetts Military the remediation technique of soil washing.

      AK-47; well, no US military arms use AK's. The image represents the re-formed rifle range (currently in operation and used by the weekend warriors known as the US Army Reserve) which has different dune lengths relating to the range of different firearms.

      May 29, 07 5:27 pm  · 

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