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    “So what do you do in your free time?”

    By tokoloshee
    Oct 8, '06 9:50 PM EST

    Oh crap, not that question...

    So things are going great, I was flirting with tall dark handsome man from Boston when he comes up with that question. I didn't have a good answer, I never really do. I'm an architecture student people! Even though he was a mechanical engineering major and he thought he may have some kinship with the architecture profession, he still didn't really get it.

    Not only am I an architecture student, I chose to go to sciarc for undergrad, and according to many people in the discussion forums this makes me almost certifiably crazy. Why on earth would I want to sacrifice my college experience? Well my answer is this: that so called college experience is not really for everyone. And to suggest that everyone needs that in their life is an incredibly narrow view of the world. I am getting increasingly indignant and the suggestion that somehow my life experience is lacking because I decided to go to sciarc for undergrad and not some other school with other disciplines besides architecture.


    Rant over...


    • Appleseed

      How do you know you're NOT lacking? You'd have to know of/done both. Food for thought, greeneyes!

      Oct 8, 06 10:15 pm

      Stop giving me a hard time steven...

      Oct 8, 06 10:18 pm
      Arnaud M.

      Some people just don't understand when one has a real passion for architecture. Although I do enjoy going out from time to time, most of my friends don't understand my lifestyle, and always mock me when I say I want to sleep early on weekends. I personally can't manage working a lot for school and partig as much. I made my choice and a lot of people just don't respect this, I absolutely hate that. On the other hand I know it's going to payoff some day. And I keep doing it.

      So don't bother listening what other people have to say if they don't try -at least- to understand things from your perspective.

      BTW, what does it means to be an undergrad student at sci-arc?

      Oct 8, 06 11:16 pm

      haha, don't make me post Seika pics! j/k

      Oct 8, 06 11:19 pm

      It means that your still very impressionable brain becomes completely brainwashed by the philosophy of the school. And since every attempt is made by the administration to keep sciarc from a single philosophy, I think we become entirely schizophrenic.

      Oct 8, 06 11:19 pm
      Arnaud M.

      I'd like to know about their graduate program, I might apply for it next year. Is there any resource out there that could help to make my choice (other that biased school pamphlets and whatnot)?

      Oct 8, 06 11:21 pm

      Well I think you've already found it, archinect is where most of the pro or anti sciarc rhetoric seems to occur.

      What are you looking for in a graduate program?

      Oct 9, 06 1:15 am

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