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    Cardboard city

    By tokoloshee
    Oct 1, '06 11:53 PM EST

    Beginning of the fourth week already... Time does fly.

    Loan checks dispursed, air travel plans made. Very many studios travelling this semester. Stanford, New York, France, China, Venice, Geneva.

    Personally headed to Paris with a brief stop in London on the way. Glad I maxed out the loan for this semester.

    New Gallery exhibit by Daly Genik. Though some see it as a great makeout room, that wasn't the first thing to come to my mind. Lots and lots of card board, I have the sudden urge to climb over the top of it.

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    • Mission St.

      genik exhibit as make-out room? hmmm. i fantasize about tossing a match in there... with chris genik inside. should probably go check it out first, maybe it's cool.
      i'm trying to remember what was the last really *fun* exhibit in the gallery... wes jones floating columns was cute... but george yu's touch-sensitive sound-producing balloons still takes the cake.

      Oct 4, 06 3:46 am

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