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Sep '06 - Oct '06

  • “So what do you do in your free time?”

    By tokoloshee
    Oct 8, '06 9:50 PM EST

    Oh crap, not that question...

    So things are going great, I was flirting with tall dark handsome man from Boston when he comes up with that question. I didn't have a good answer, I never really do. I'm an architecture student people! Even though he was a mechanical engineering major and he thought he may have some kinship with the architecture profession, he still didn't really get it.

    Not only am I an architecture student, I chose to go to sciarc for undergrad, and according to many people in the discussion forums this makes me almost certifiably crazy. Why on earth would I want to sacrifice my college experience? Well my answer is this: that so called college experience is not really for everyone. And to suggest that everyone needs that in their life is an incredibly narrow view of the world. I am getting increasingly indignant and the suggestion that somehow my life experience is lacking because I decided to go to sciarc for undergrad and not some other school with other disciplines besides architecture.


    Rant over...
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  • Cardboard city

    By tokoloshee
    Oct 1, '06 11:53 PM EST

    Beginning of the fourth week already... Time does fly. Loan checks dispursed, air travel plans made. Very many studios travelling this semester. Stanford, New York, France, China, Venice, Geneva. Personally headed to Paris with a brief stop in London on the way. Glad I maxed out the loan for this... View full entry

  • sci arc post thesis

    By tokoloshee
    Sep 19, '06 5:44 PM EST

    So graduate thesis has ended, time to get to work. Vertical studios have been assigned, and then reassigned. Class have begun, postponed and cancelled. All in the nature of 'semi-organized chaos'. View full entry

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