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    Reluctant Depenence

    By shawn jenkins
    Apr 21, '06 12:37 AM EST

    These are my preliminay views of an aviary for the Spotted Owl. Everyone has heard about the spotted owl. I am treating this raptor in a different way from the other raptors. It is on the brink of extinction and does not deserve to be on display. The owls end up here after they have be hit by cars or injured due to logging. This is where they will spend the rest of their lives. Given this situation i am thinking that this could be a breeding center for them if they ever pair up. I call it "Reluctant Dependence".
    I have already moved on from this model. I am giving it a little more elegance and stronger moments along the way 50% less movement and 90% more experience.


    • Becker

      Nice models Shawn, looks like a really interesting site. cliff? side of building?

      I agree, looks like allot of movement.

      Good luck.

      Apr 21, 06 10:58 pm  · 

      This is really interesting. I like your idea: the "perchiness" of it, and the hidden or screened views... especially the views from a distance.

      So from your comments should we assume that you believe that the public awareness of this particular endangered bird doesn't really need any raising?

      This makes me wonder what kind of perches and things they make for the California Condors in their avian enclave. I know they are not really on view, it's more of a private nurtured life, but I believe they are somehow in some kind of large enclosed aviary.

      Can you birds leave and return at will, or are they closed in?

      Apr 21, 06 11:20 pm  · 
      shawn jenkins

      unfortunately the birds that arrive here are unable to really leave. a few can but most stay till they die....this is a bird that like the condor should be handeled differently. i do not want this to be a zoo. i would like to go in the direction of a living learning center. were the public comes in to see and learn about how to keep these birds in the wild and not in the center. the idealized view would be to not have this type of facility as awareness grows..but still able to rehab the ones that can be released. with the site it is a mox of steep slope into oaks and meadow.
      i am trying to use the moments along the paths as the 'it' factor. the birds do not care if they are in a free form structure that we as people or architects like them. the birds would never choose to perch in a place based on its form. therefor i am looking at trying to make the interactions with the birds and the moments along the way as a concept and maybe keep the aviaries as a necessary evil that is a generic thing that is easily maintained..
      let me know if any of this makes sense.

      Apr 22, 06 12:33 am  · 

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