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    Kiln Shed trusses

    By shawn jenkins
    Feb 9, '06 12:40 AM EST

    And we have just received the good news!! We will have the crane operator onsite Saturday morning. This is going to be a great time. With the trusses going up the progress will speed up. It is hard trying to do small jobs in between bouts of rain. With the trusses up we can start the roof and keep ourselves nice and dry. Here we are determining the length of bracing that will go on the top cord of the truss and we are using the latest in technology ( a stick with pencil marks) to get the job done.imageimageimage


    • liberty bell

      Shawn, can you explain this project a little more? I visited UofO campus about 8 years ago and recall a very cool outdoor art studio area including a funky shed over some outdoor kilns. Very strong hippie vibe (which I liked). Did the old shed fall down? What is the story with those odd-looking trusses, are they new or existing from elsewhere?

      Feb 9, 06 9:46 am  · 

      flip flops in a construction zone. nice.

      Feb 9, 06 10:31 am  · 
      liberty bell

      Yeah joe I noticed that too - I hate flip flops! (except by the pool)

      Feb 9, 06 10:34 am  · 

      Flip-flop guy (steven duff) where's them EVERYDAY. Raining, snowing, 15 degrees out, doesn't mater. He wears flip-flops. He says he hates socks.

      Feb 9, 06 12:07 pm  · 

      I always thought him and Corner were two of the stranger characters in Lawerence.

      Feb 9, 06 1:41 pm  · 

      everyday flip-flop guy has a sock tan, no?

      Feb 9, 06 3:31 pm  · 

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