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    final project etc.

    By albertbt
    Mar 22, '06 10:32 PM EST

    The sole focus of our studio this quarter was sustainability, more specifically site disturbance and passive systems. We were required to produce a slew of diagrams and calculations to prove that our design "worked", though few were even discussed in our extensive 12 minute final review...


    I am working for Mecanoo in the Netherlands for spring and fall quarters for co-op and studying abroad in Copenhagen for the summer, which should provide me with a more than welcome nine month vacation from Cincinnati.


    • WonderK

      What year are you? Who was your instructor for this studio? Did you and your studio mates feel like you got anything out of the class in spite of your final crit?

      And how in the heck did you get a job in the Netherlands?!? I want a job in the Netherlands.....

      Mar 23, 06 12:33 am

      I am a third year. The studio is Jennie Russell's and her counterpart varies quarter to quarter. I wouldn't say I didn't get anything out of the studio, nor would I attempt to speak for everyone else, though I can share the perhaps overly brash sentiments of Nick Konwest on the issue, whose quotations I seem to be abusing alot lately:

      "Russell is the most insufferably incompetent piece of trailer trash I have ever met. The fact that she “teaches” an architecture studio is a mockery of the entire American higher education system."

      I had Udo, whose consistent approach to everyone's project seemed to be bland indifference, which we assumed was a result of being forced to teach the studio against his will. We also had too many students, 20+ per professor, which contributed to the problems with our reviews. But it sounds like I did well by evading Jennie at least.

      As for my co-op I contacted the firm myself, had an interview with them on the phone about my portfolio and eventually they agreed to hire me, after which I had to apply for a work permit as I'm a non EU applicant. We were always told that as undergrads we weren't permitted or able to do international co-ops until grad school, but there are at least three in my class going abroad somewhere this quarter I think...

      Mar 23, 06 3:37 pm

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