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    first post-fest 2006

    By albertbt
    Jan 22, '06 6:10 PM EST

    My introductory post shall be a short one as I'd like to make sure I'm even doing this right before I start wildly pontificating on various subjects I'm not qualified to discuss.

    I have some pictures of the new Morphosis building on campus I plan to post soon, but until then I leave you with a pensive abigail brown entrenched in serious analysis of our inimitably dynamic suburban site in northern cincinnati around which our sustainability studio shall revolve...the content of which I shall suspend my premature criticisms for the moment.



    • glick

      would A.B. approve of so many $20 words?

      Jan 28, 06 11:25 pm

      Perhaps. She should be adjusted to my speaking disease by now.

      Jan 30, 06 2:22 am

      congrats on harvard. represent cincy well.

      Mar 30, 07 12:15 pm

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