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    history of failed design??

    By pix
    Feb 7, '06 6:42 PM EST

    so here we go... and here´s the deal...
    recently I started an internship for a magazine on design and architecture... and here is my task..
    it is a thematic magazine and the next number out is failed object... my task is to list the top 10 design ( architecture and in general) failures in history i.e. the vw beetle (too much expectation, very short outcome)
    I`ve got quite some research and lots to ask...
    but here I am, thinking that what better than the archinect community to have something to say about it...
    what do you think are the items in overall design and architecture that deserve this title??


    • building: wtc a la som via liebeskind...saddest story of fear and greed and sheer stupidity trumping common sense...

      movement: postmodernism...something iconic by michael graves et al that looks so dated it is the end nothing changed, the revolution didn't happen and modernism has returned through oma at cetera...

      racking me wee brain to think of something that failed but by doing so led to something super good....must be something out there...

      like rem's design for the hermitage where the dilapitated building and curation has made the experience of the visit into something incredibly unique and wonderful. very high art as daily life, arranged without the elitist isolation because there was no money for it. failure made the experience of art highly personal, something that has been lost in most every other museum in the world. wow, if you could find 10 failures like that would be an interesting read.

      Feb 7, 06 8:21 pm  · 

      interesting indeed... I was just wondering whether there is something that binds certain buildings together, such as H&dM Forum´s building in barcelona, not really a failure itself, but a failure in context and functionality...

      I am just trying to think and do a lot of research, I have just started it, but I felt like something really cool could come out of an archinect thread, people from all over, ideas from all over...

      but it could be anything, industrial design, even furniture, buildings, whatever... thanks for the input

      Feb 7, 06 8:29 pm  · 

      jump, those two examples are perfect. In those categories, it would be tough to come up with better exemplars.

      Feb 7, 06 9:12 pm  · 

      how about,,, nagakin capsule..?

      Feb 7, 06 9:17 pm  · 

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