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    what to do when school is over??

    David Benitez
    Nov 21, '05 6:15 PM EST

    what to do after school?

    i`ve been really absent from this blog, im sorry bout it, and to start up ill tell you what ive been up to.

    Summer internship at PLOT architects, and my last semester working on the boring courses to finish up my career studies.

    Now the real dilemma, what to do after school?

    Facing the world as an architect from a so called third world country (mexico) what am i supposed to do?

    find other internships around the world to work, start your own practice or work for some local architecture firm?


    • Suture

      Kidnap a famous person?

      Nov 21, 05 10:41 pm  · 
      Louisville Architect

      if they like you at PLOT, try to stay. with pay, of course.

      Nov 22, 05 10:04 am  · 

      don't they pay a living wage for the short internship? similar to OMA? do I not know what I'm talking about? have I ever kidnapped a famous person!?

      Nov 22, 05 10:26 am  · 
      Louisville Architect

      if you're staying in mex ---> kalach + alvarez: alberto kalach.

      Nov 22, 05 11:59 am  · 

      alejandro aptilan en el distrito federal

      Nov 22, 05 1:03 pm  · 
      Francisco David Boira

      "Kidnap a famous person?"_ bad selection of words Suture!
      Did you know that Mexico City is rapidly becoming the top kidnapping capital of the world ahead of Colombia?

      Just some nice trivia info for you ;)

      Nov 22, 05 1:40 pm  · 

      Colombia loses yet again......

      Nov 22, 05 3:24 pm  · 

      That means I dont have to worry when I go down to see family!!!! Although Bogota is probalby not the same without the constant looking over your shoulder.
      just kidding, Bogota is great everyone should visit.

      Nov 22, 05 3:26 pm  · 

      and so is Mexico!!

      Nov 22, 05 4:50 pm  · 

      Didn't ya'll watch Man On Fire?

      Nov 22, 05 8:40 pm  · 

      Ese Cisco,

      My frugal diction is not a casual mistake.

      Dont you think i watch Univision, replublica deportiva and follow Cruz Azul futbol?

      It would however be quite enlightening to hear what opportunities there are in Mexico proper for a mexican architecture graduates? A few are needed to do a Vargas villa here and there but how many are employed in designing mud or concrete block peasant houses with tin roofs?

      It just seems like a tough country to be an architect in. Even Enrique has left Mexico to graze the better pastures of el norte.

      -Suture aka el jefe de jefes

      Nov 23, 05 12:42 am  · 

      Try with Rojkind or with Derek Dellekamp, mmhhh u could also try to marry the daughter of a rich guy so u can have someone to give u some work and open an office wich can be very well founded without any kind of interesting work...maybe u can call it LCM and have as partner a guy called Fernando Romero....ouch nope, sorry Fernando did it already :-(

      Nov 23, 05 1:16 pm  · 

      i've heard this same thought from many of my mexican relatives when i tell them that i'm studying architecture. they are all surprised and ask if there is work in the united states. my aunt's ex husband is an architect and she used to tell me all the time that in mexico architects starve.

      Nov 23, 05 3:17 pm  · 

      thanks dudes for the imput, this stuff is really complicated, it goes like this....

      there are more than 25 architecture schools and every year, hundreds of architects start to work, the thing is design is not paid that well (if its paid at all)

      But things are starting to change, and Rojkind is a rokstar mariano, he doesnt seem to know what he is doing .. any ways thanks i`ll look into it.

      Nov 24, 05 1:56 am  · 

      David, offices look so much different from the outside than the inside, i had worked in several offices, and i know Rojkind is one of the most down to earth guys in terms of office relationship...and for example Enrique N. (TEN) he's a sucker... bad mood and clueless...anyways dude, good luck in general....just b patient...i think even we have so many arch schools at home (mexico) there's still plenty of work for everyone, this profession is no easy all around the world, u just have to push really hard and be really patient... well thats just my input, bests...

      Nov 24, 05 4:26 am  · 

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