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    By david basulto
    Jan 4, '06 7:25 AM EST

    As of monday, i started my office internship. In my school you get to do 4 internships in the last 2 years. (arch office, social work, city hall, technological/magazine). This will take one month of my summer. In february i plan on visiting California in the US. This office is very good, the architect has been selected for the Venice Biennale, and does some good houses. The good thing is that the office is small and they are crowded so i got to work in a full project! im designing the first draft of an office building with some retail space in the first floor. Very good for a start, i tought i'd be doing housing, xeroxing, coffee, etc... hehe.
    ill post some work from this office soon. And on march i start my final project, kinda thesis-project. Theme will be Le Corbusier-Mies and the new construction technologies, applied on either a library, market or performing arts center in the downtown. I think i'll go with the library. Nice thing is that for research, we'll visit Sao Paulo to sutdy the concrete technologies in big buildings.. pretty nice for a thesis, ah?

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    • Eugenia Cartwright

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