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    Time machine anyone?

    By Tom Denney
    Dec 1, '05 9:00 AM EST

    It's never to late to build a time machine. I slept for fours hours last night on my inflatable mattress here at studio. 4 HOURS! Shit. As much as I need to get out of this building for a few hours to go to work tonight bartending, I'm scared to be gone. Anyone in
    Chicago that wants to come down and have a drink or few and keep me company is welcome to no end. I work at "312 Chicago", an italian restaurant at Randolph and Lasalle. WE close at 10 so come around 8 and I'll buy a few drinks. (Wouldn't that be cool if someone reading this actually showed-up).

    I havnt been home since Sunday. My Wife probably hopes I dont come home so she can keep letting the cat sleep on the bed next to her. At least it's snowing out. The quiet emptyness of walking in falling snow late at night or early morning is so soothing.

    I walked over to Crown this morning to see what the 1st and 2nd year students were doing, surely they must be slaving away a week before their final reviews. Alas, not one of any of them was there. Well one, he was doing physics homework that was due yesterday. I did, however, spot this image which made me fall ont he floor laughing so hard I ran back to 3rd yr studio in the metals and machinery bldg to get my camra.

    Here's one more image I snapped the other night on an excursion to the grocery store for supplies, as we speed down the street. It's the elevated track, but for some reason this pic just looked cool to me. Maybe the sense of motion from an at rest object.


    • Oana S.

      bart rules!

      Dec 1, 05 9:13 am  · 
      Darren Hodgson

      Hate to point it out Oana but its Homer... Doh!

      Dec 1, 05 10:22 am  · 
      Oana S.

      sorry... :(
      some wrong connections in my head!
      homer rules!

      Dec 1, 05 12:03 pm  · 
      liberty bell

      I agree about the calming effect of walking home in snow - used to compltely change my state of mind to walk for five minutes from the arch studio to the dorm at Cranbrook during pre-dawn snow. There is so much quiet beauty out there - snow makes even an empty city sidewalk heartbreakingly beautiful.

      Hey maybe I'll see ya Saturday afternoon during my IIT tour! Good luck working!

      Dec 1, 05 2:56 pm  · 

      Cool pics! Maybe I'll drop by your bar when I'm in town next weekend. Too true about the snowfall effect, one of the few things (like being the only one to watch an amazing dawn come up, and learning the birds' timelines) that made studio nights more pleasurable. Also, while definitely amusing, I think the homer pic illustrates the all-nighter laugh effect principle pretty nicely, too ;)

      Dec 1, 05 3:52 pm  · 
      vado retro

      ahhh you may wanna try cleanin your space. its as effective as deep breathing.

      Dec 1, 05 6:01 pm  · 

      what would mies think? I ask myself that all the time. Homer is perfect!

      Dec 2, 05 6:45 pm  · 

      ps. I notice the shades are slightly crooked. Didn't they fix that problem?

      Dec 2, 05 6:46 pm  · 

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