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    2nd year at IIT

    By Tom Denney
    Feb 9, '05 10:27 PM EST

    Second year at IIT studio is totally about details. We completly leave behind, for the most part, all of the designs tools we learned about in first year. I'm not complaining about it, but i do wonder how many other school spend an entire year of studo work teaching how to do details? and when I say 'teach' I mean teach, so much so studio should be renamed 'Lectured to Death' we spend 4 hours a day 3 days a week for the most part being taught in lecture halls, slide shows, and chaulkboard discussions about how to design details. What kinds of experiences are the rest of you have in terms of being taught details?


    • TED

      that sucks. both to teach and to be taught. details are meaningless if they only stand alone and look at from afar, a book or told in a group setting the rights and wrongs.

      whats going on at iit. thought they had intergrated studios.

      Feb 9, 05 10:34 pm  · 
      David Cuthbert

      god is in the details

      embrace the details

      I must say though its the hardest thing to teach - but it is the measure of a great architect - conceptualising the details

      Feb 10, 05 8:14 am  · 

      at uw-seattle, we spend a quarter all on details. this is the second quarter in the 2nd year of the 3 yr. m.arch or...the 2nd quarter of the 1st year of the 2 year m.arch. yes. i know, sounds a little complicated. but we take a design development class which is about 2 hours a week looking at hundreds of details and our tectonic studio this quarter is all about doing a small scale project to facilitate focus on the details. in my particular studio, our details have to relate to and reinforce our conceptual basis for the building. its quite interesting to me. but i think it would be less interesting if we were only looking and not doing...incorporating it into studio.

      Feb 10, 05 2:53 pm  · 

      At the School of the ARt Institute of Chicago we have a rewuired Design with Details course for 4th year Bachelor of Interior Architecture students. I had Lukasz Kowalczyk, who as of last semester alos taught at IIT...he was really great. I learned alot form No, once he understood the "SAIC Approach" Now, from what I heard, the other studio was taught by an architect and they didn't have any fun...there was no creativity and that usually doesn't go over too well at our school...[people start getting ugly. Lukasz took us on cool field trips too...

      Feb 27, 05 11:17 pm  · 

      obviously I can't spell...please excuse my inabilities! I hope you get my drift: Lukasz was cool, class was great...I guess I just should have said that the first time around...or learn how to spell. I guess that's why I am at Art School eh?!

      Feb 27, 05 11:20 pm  · 

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