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    Pics of Studio

    By Tom Denney
    Feb 25, '05 12:48 AM EST

    Calling all students! I want to start a collection of Studio photos from the different school of Architecture around the world. If you can email me .jpg's of your studio that would be great. I hope to have enough by the summer that I can start to put a cool webpage documenting all of them. I'd like photos that show more of the over-all room and if you still want to send pics of your work area that's cool to. I dont care if the studio is clean, dirty, empty, or filled with students at 3am on a thursday night rushing to get a project done for a friday review. just send them!!!



    • VanWinkle

      The studio looks great!!

      Feb 25, 05 1:39 am  · 

      Looks like it's still a Takeuchi studio. Who would you say has the messiest studio in crown?

      Feb 25, 05 11:03 am  · 
      Tom Denney

      Takeuchi is my section prof, but this might be his last year teaching 2nd year. However, with Ben Riley teaching, and leading 2nd year hand drafting will always be taught through 2nd year at iit. When I try to think of examples of people I would most like to emulate when I get into the proffession these are the two. Riley gives two hour lectures on architectural stone, wood, metals, etc. all from the top of his head without notes WHILE TRANSCRIBING EVERY WORD HE SAYS ON A CHAULK BOARD AT THE SAME TIME! As for Takeuchi...while that just goes without saying...he study under Mies.

      Feb 26, 05 10:19 am  · 

      Two good guys, although stubbornly old-school. I learned alot from them. I had Arthur's last studio elective course before he went to re-structure second year. And Ben was my visual training proffesor. If you like these two I highly recommend you take visual training. 2nd year has always been a crutial stage in student's development as they begin to think out more complex programs on their own, not like reproducing information in first year's house studies. Well good luck and stay patient with Tak to take advantage of his wisdom.

      Feb 27, 05 3:23 pm  · 
      David Cuthbert

      the studio is empty - you sure thats an architecture school?

      Feb 28, 05 1:41 pm  · 

      Hey Dan,
      I'm a first year here at IIT and I have a few good pics of Crown packed at 4 am on a tuesday. I can compress them and send them over to you this week if you want.

      Mar 1, 05 1:03 am  · 

      I'm mean Tom.....sorry

      Mar 1, 05 1:04 am  · 
      Tom Denney

      those pics were taken just after finals week, so that's why studio was empty and looking tidy.

      Mar 1, 05 5:04 am  · 

      You should go around and take a look at all the studios around crown, so you have a better idea of what to look forward to in the elective studios. Check over in 3rd year, down stairs in the old grad studio, and don't forget to look over at some of the studios in 3410. I know for us in Ben's studio, we have been ripping up the place with crap everywhere. In my opinion a studio should never be clean unless you have clean up after yourself every second of every minute of every hour of everyday, you only work on the computer until your eyes have a hard time adjusting to things that are not pixelated, or if you are a POS and don't work.

      Apr 18, 05 3:31 am  · 

      hi...i'm thinking of attending IIT in the fall. i am deciding between here and sci arc and thoughts and advice? what are the strengths of the schools?

      Apr 19, 05 1:24 am  · 

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