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    *how* much longer?

    By Derek Lindner
    Apr 17, '05 1:11 PM EST

    critic: How many days until the final review?
    student: Ten days.
    critic: Ten days. 240 hours... that's... six 40-hour weeks. Minus, say, 25% for sleeping, so... four and a half weeks left. You guys can get a lot of work done in four and a half weeks.


    • Oana S.

      sounds familiar...
      good luck!

      Apr 17, 05 1:31 pm

      oh jesus christ, I'd somehow gone almost five years without thinking of it that way. And now, one day before substantial completion, I happen to glance at your blog, and my mind has been warped...

      Apr 17, 05 6:56 pm
      vado retro

      hey rationalist one day equals three days you have plenty of time.

      Apr 18, 05 12:03 am
      David Cuthbert

      Uh huh but you gotta do it all by yourself

      good luck buh hah !

      Apr 18, 05 9:16 am

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