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    One down, five to go

    By Derek Lindner
    Jan 22, '05 3:00 PM EST

    This past week began my second semester (of six) at Columbia. Reasons to be excited about the coming semester:

    WMDs. Columbia is augmenting its 'WMD program' and building a new fabrication lab. In addition to the 3D printer and laser cutters, we have a new 5-axis CNC machine ("five axes does not mean that it can cut time," one of the instructors sadly informed us), and supposedly other new toys arrive every day. I don't know that I'll get to use any of these this semester, but it's good to have the resources and see what people do with them.

    The Digital Show. Last night the best work from all of last semester's visual studies (i.e., digital media) classes was presented. This includes filmmaking, basic and advanced modeling & rendering, and more conceptual and experimental work (e.g. spatial dataforming). This semester, I'm in two workshops, on topological form and simulation. After last night's show, I'm really looking forward to these.


    • Welcome to the school blog Derek. Someone just posted some student work from Columbia in the image gallery.

      Jan 22, 05 4:03 pm
      Derek Lindner

      I've been corrected--it's only a 3-axis CNC machine.

      Jan 25, 05 12:56 pm
      George Showman

      "it's only a 3-axis CNC machine"... which, I think, is a good thing. A five-axis machine would only encourage more cellphone design at this school, because it allows almost complete control of the topology of an obect in a single cut or session. With a 3-axis mill, we'll probably find we have to cut out pieces and then assemble models. Just a thought.

      Jan 28, 05 4:49 pm

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