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    No TV and No beer make Homer Go crazy............ Part 1

    By sianm
    Apr 3, '05 10:35 PM EST

    Sorry girls and boys that I haven't been posting lately,

    I guess I've been very inattentive of my duties as a blogger from the last couple of weeks, between mid-crits, and other arrangements it has been a challenge to find time to blog.

    So here I begin the large update of my life and time at Vic.

    This semester's 311 Design Paper
    Korohiwa Bay, Eastbourne - Wellington, NZ

    Our Design Guideline (For our group)
    “The architecture of the eleven spaces uses the wall for stability, providing a place of shelter, a bivouac. The retreat is under a single title, each dwelling being leased for periods ranging from days to months. Varying degrees of seclusion cater for the different needs of individual occupants.

    Vegetation has been used to create social points of connection and interaction between the people inhabiting the space. The nature of the landscape, the walls, and dwellings are the uniting force of the surrounding coastal environment.

    Visual barriers are established through changes in planting height and level changes, providing areas of intimacy, intricacy, protection and privacy.

    Hard and soft landscape, public and private space will be provided by the design and orientation of built and planted elements. The space between the dwellings will have a variety of plantings that will provide shelter and privacy to each individual site. The vegetation will soften the landscape and create an atmosphere of isolation, seclusion and sanctuary”.

    image Our Site to the right

    About my Design (Pics posted later)
    The simple concrete exteriors are surrounded and planted with greenery to create refined, elegant spaces in a manner distinctively modern. The forms are calculated to manipulate light and maximize their beauty. At first glance, they appear inorganic... until we realize how beautifully they blend with their natural and human environment.

    Wall-filling windows admit an abundance of natural light. The carefully selected colors and materials of the flooring create a space in which, day after day, residents can relax: mind and body and soul. This is the essence and simplicity of the design. The design provides a place of shelter and is the ideal type of retreat for those who savor the quiet life.

    image The view from our site

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